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Bethany Stenning (also known as Stanlæy) is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, painter, author, and filmmaker amongst an array of other artistic titles that she comfortably fulfills. 

The music of STANLÆY has been influenced by a diverse genre pool of folk, jazz and cosmic atmospheres, drawing inspiration from artists such as Joanna NewsomThe Dirty Projectors and Sigur Rós. The lyrical narratives of STANLÆY explore surrealist takes on how human life in the modern world is juxtaposed with our ancient relationships to nature. These ideas, alongside contemplations about consciousness and free will, are set to a series of hallucinatory, twilight soundworlds with virtuoso post classical arrangements, haunting folk melodies and a deft palette of subtle and ever evolving textures. Fairy tale chamber pop for the 21st Century.

Bethany started performing her own material under the pseudonym of Stanhopea when she moved to Paris in 2015. It was there she met a lovely musician, Marco Pavesi, who she proceeded to record her first EP Caroussel with. Bethany released her first full album Ouroboros, on the 10th February 2017, at The Art House, Southampton before doing a mini tour of the album around the UK and Ireland. She performed with an number of Common Grounds artists on this tour, making an incredible visual art piece “The Moon” accompanied by harpist Alannah Thornborough.

STANLÆY’s project, The Human Project, was premiered at Harbour Lights Cinema, Southampton Docks, May 22nd 2017. The project’s Premiere was sold out and received a standing ovation. Since, the music itself has received the Southampton Hazel Muras-Osborn Composition award. The film for The Mountain Collector has received the TMCLFF Award of Recognition, won the Feel The Reel London film festival award, and received recognition from several international film festivals. Bethany has since arranged the material for a live band who have been performing around the UK. 

The Human Project embodies 7 elements, within 7 songs and videos where each song comes to personify an element in a unique and distinct way. The project takes the audience through 7 hues, revealing the body as a canvas to represent natural elements as a metaphor for cognitive states of mind, and the evolution of the body. The human body transforms itself into a real life canvas.

The single releases for the album have been featured on well known online magazines, folkradio and forfolkssake

STANLÆY is launching The Human Project as a full album on the 28th May with support from another of our artists Alfi. The launch will feature Bethany's Seaweed String Quartet and Alannah Thornburgh from Alfi on harp. You can book your tickets here.




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Ode to Ovid is a song written based on the poem ‘The Golden Age’ written by Ovid. The video explores how the shadow of our own destruction, our “Iron Twin” follows us as we attempt to reach a higher plane, or the “age of gold”.

‘The Mountain Collector’ explores overcoming negative emotions through union with nature.


Naomi Hill (violin), Bethany (guitar)