Síofra’s talents stretch across a wide array of disciplines, as a visual artist, poet and spoken word artist. Originally from West Cork she has been a Maynooth resident for the past three years, and has been a part of many of our events during that time. While she has always been artistically inclined it was her first job, as a face painter, that allowed her to develop her uniquely stunning style and gave her such a deep understanding of the human form. More recently she has branched out into the world of spoken word, wowing audiences as a part of Spice Lazer - a bilingual spoken word and soundscape duo - where she performs with another of our artists, Aindriú De Buitléir.

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To fully explore Síofra’s poetry you can check out her wordpress here.


Regularly collaborating with other artists, here with Ryan Hoban, Síofra’s range of talents never ceases to impress us.