Photo:  Grace Kiernan
Conor Cunningham of  Hatchlings

Conor Cunningham of Hatchlings

The girls of Lemoncello, Laura and Claire

The girls of Lemoncello, Laura and Claire


Rita Perry has only recently come to the attention of the Irish art scene, but already her ability to crossover her many talents has both impressed and enamored her audiences. Rita is, so far, a visual artist who incorporates her musicality into her art with a unique style and impeccable timing.  

Her vivid imagery captures a moment in time, and her instinctive understanding of lighting adds to her appeal. We are delighted to welcome her to the Common Grounds artist collective and can't wait to showcase her future endeavors. 


A collection of Ms. Perry's latest creations.

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Laura Quirke of  Lemoncello

Laura Quirke of Lemoncello

Jack Sheehan of  Shriekin

Jack Sheehan of Shriekin