Common Grounds Collective serves to connect artists and creatives throughout the country in order to encourage growth and collaboration, and to offer a platform for showcasing their works. Through the creation of intimate events and workshops, we aim to create a grassroots environment encouraging a wide audience to evolve the Irish Arts scene, intending to ignore no art form in our efforts to promote collaboration, exploration and growth of artists and creatives.

While our first step as the Collective has been to encourage participation and collaboration of artists, musicians and performers within the country and abroad: we seek to bring to light the inherent value of arts and culture within Irish society and beyond. By introducing a broad spectrum of individuals to art forms that can be difficult to showcase, and offering a spotlight for creatives to discuss artistic processes and showcase their work, the Common Grounds Collective aims to exemplify the importance of creativity to all walks of life. We cannot force an upturn in art proliferation and quality, but we can create the right environment to grow.